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The Hotel Dhammika is located off the main village road directly on the beach of beautiful Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. All spacious rooms offer gorgeous panoramic views of the entire bay. The hotel opened in May 2004 and is owned and operated by a German-Singhalese family.

If you prefer smaller, individual properties to large, generic tourist resorts, then Hotel Dhammika will make you feel right at home. Our cozy beach hotel has only six large and well-appointed rooms, each with a spacious private terrace with unobstructed ocean views. Your stay includes a sumptuous breakfast.

On December 26, 2004, the tsunami disaster hit Unawatuna. Fortunately, due to its excellent construction and some of its unique architectural features, the Hotel Dhammika managed to withstand the impact of the giant water wall. In spite of its beach location, our hotel only suffered water damage when the first floor was flooded. The hotel was fully occupied when the tsunami hit, but luckily none of our guests were injured. Everything is back to normal now and the hotel is once again ready to offer you our full range of services.

Unawatuna is located in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) east of the colonial city of Galle, and boasts one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Because of its calm waters and complete absence of dangerous currents, Unawatuna’s bay is ideal for the entire family.  The western part of the bay with its shallow waters is great for bathing and especially safe for less accomplished swimmers while the deeper waters are perfect for enthuasiastic swimmers.  Scuba diving, (there are a number of diving schools and PADI certified instructors), snorkeling and outings on glass-bottom boats offer unique insight into an amazing underwater world.

An extensive coral reef protects the bay and provides ideal swimming conditions year-round.  Even during the quiet monsoon season you will enjoy your vacation here.  There will be some brief and intense but warm tropical showers immediately followed by bright sunshine so that you generally will not have to miss a single gorgeous beach day.

There are many small restaurants along the beach and in town that serve great inexpensive food.  If you can take the heat you will love the local cuisine with its delicious curries. Fresh fish, prawns, lobster and crawfish are staples of the local cuisine and are served straight from the ocean and at very accessible prices!

Do not miss tasting all the fresh tropical fruits available here in Unawatuna – ripe mangos, papayas, mangosteen, rambutan, pineapple, water melon, apple bananas and jackfruit freshly picked and bursting with flavor!

Let us surprise you with our sumptuous breakfast!


All balconies with see view


Bay view to the left, from your balcony


to the right


Unawatuna Beach

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